The Award-winning Sidewinder Technology provided fast and cost-effective road edge repair.

Sidewinder for road widening, infrastructure maintenance, cycleway construction and increased road safety.

The Sidewinder® purpose-built equipment works quickly with minimum disturbance to road users. Roads can be repaired and widened on a daily basis without extensive reconstruction and traffic delays.

A job which would normally take at least a week, from digging up the road to the final bitumen sealing, can be completed in a day at a much lower cost.

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Sharpe Bros. Safe Roads


Sidewinder road widener machines for road widening are a cost effective solution to increase road safety and reduce fatalities on Australian roads.

Fast and cost-effective road edge repair technology from trusted civil contracting firm, Sharpe Bros® Sidewinder® technology can pave road base, gravel, recycled materials or asphalt resulting in wider, stronger and safer roads.

With hydraulic grade and slope control, multiple layers can be paved from 200mm below grade to 200mm above grade. The Federal Office of Road Safety has found that when traffic lanes are widened by just one metre, the rate of head-on and run-off road crashes can fall by 20 percent.

If you would like to speak with Sharpe Bros® about making your roads safer while saving time and money, please call us on 02 4324 6555.

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