Recycling & Stabilisation

Recycling and Stabilisation Contractors - Stabilised, recycled and longer lasting Roads by Sharpe Bros.

Left - All-in-one machine for localised patches or full lane widths. Big savings for road budgets. Right - Controlled spread rates and moisture content in the mixing chamber. Full lane widths or patchwork.

Sharpe Bros Rotamixerâ„¢ for road stabilising


Sharpe Bros have developed new technology for road maintenance. The high performance Rotamixerâ„¢ machines incorporate patent pending developments for mixing lime, cement or blended materials to stabilise road pavements.

The Rotamixer spreads lime, injects water and mixes all in one high powered machine and in so doing improves the mixing and allows for controlled spread rates and moisture content.

The potential for cost savings in the maintenance and repair of roads is very significant as an all in one unit can now be utilised instead of multiple machines. The process and operation of the machine is also very economical as it has the ability to mix at various widths and depths from 1 metre wide patching to full road widths and in so doing has increased the traditional production rates of machines utilised for road maintenance.

As less machines need to be utilised through a work zone this also improves the safety of operations at a work site.

Fast Process - roads can be rebuilt more quickly than conventional reconstruction, thereby reducing inconvenience to the motoring public.

Sharpe Bros Rotamixer machinery is an ideal solution for rebuilding weakened pavements for highways and haul roads, parking lots, airfields, industrial parks and mining sites.

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Contact us now for a free estimate and quick reliable service. A qualified estimator can meet with you personally to evaluate your recycling and stabilisation needs and promptly provide a free written estimate. Sharpe Bros also excels at developing pavement maintenance plans for your long term needs.