Asphalt Paving

Haul road maintenance services and repairs - Gravel mining and quarry services.

Gravel Mining

Sharpe Bros Mining process allows for greater production rates compared to traditional methods. Rather than rip and push with dozers or drill and blast the mine floor, Sharpe Bros are able to mill the mine or quarry floor and load directly into trucks. Crushing and screening can be eliminated. The gravel produced is much smaller and has a more consistent grading than that produced using traditional quarrying or mining methods.

Haul Road Recycling and Maintenance

Sharpe Bros also offers a full service to recycle and upgrade haul roads. This involves mining the surface of haul roads to a depth of 200mm and blending, grading and reshaping to make a stronger road with a smooth and level surface. The results include reductions in tyre wear delivering huge cost saving benefits and ensuring less downtime and less driver fatigue.

The Sharpe Bros process allows for significant savings by reducing the tyre wear on haul trucks because the mined floors are left level. This allows for a smoother ride and reduced spillage of material. The Sharpe Bros process for haul road maintenance can increase the lifespan of tyres.

Most haul roads are dusty, out of shape from water flow and full of fines at the top. Sharpe Bros go through the process of turning the large rocks into a road base material and putting the fines on the top back into the base. This creates a more uniform, consistent road base mix which allows for increased compaction and longer lasting haul roads.

The advantages of the Sharpe Bros process for maintenance of haul roads include:

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